Short Term Bad Credit Loans

Short Term Bad Credit Loans from Direct Lenders

Worried if with an imperfect credit score you’d get a cash loan from a direct lender? Or have you been getting rejected because of your low credit rating? Forget your worries, and apply for short term bad credit loans from CashatPayday, a direct lender that serves thousands of borrowers from the low- and medium-income groups. What makes us different is that we give you a guaranteed instant approval if you apply with authentic details for bad credit loans online. With our regular users, our products are known as mini cash loans with no credit check because we do not perform a hard credit check before approving your loan application. With our online bad credit loans, you can avail up to $1,000 with no condition on expenditure.

Personal Loans for Bad Credit on the Same Day!

When you might think that getting approved for personal loans for bad credit from legitimate lenders would be complicated, for your delight, we make it really swift! Just with a few personal details, you can fill out our application form and request for a desired amount. The process is completely online and at no point you have to go through paperwork or faxing. However, since we are not taking your credit score into account, nor ask for any collateral, your income status would be verified. Take it easy, just with your pay stubs or bank statements you can prove that you have an income that makes you capable of repaying the debt. Guess what, the whole process of verification is done instantly, and your personal bad credit loan is directly deposited on the same day into your checking account!

Need a Loan with Bad Credit? Apply Now!

Just like the availing process of our small short-term loans for poor credit, their repayment process also is hassle-free. The totally automatic process lets you pay back even without remembering the due date. That way you don’t have to pay any fee for late payment nor your credit score would have any negative impact. Similarly, there is no penalty for early prepayment. If you want a rollover, well before the due date, you can contact us. Our short-term bad credit loans are some of the most affordable financial products while our regular users enjoy even more benefits. Anyone aged at least 18 with an SSN number, checking account, valid contact details and income proof can apply and get funded within one working day! Need a loan with bad credit? Apply now and get approved immediately!

Choose a Legitimate Direct Lender Payday Loan Online with No Credit Check


CashatPayday declares that it does not collect information regarding the past credit behavior of potential borrowers from the major credit bureaus - Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Upon requirement to extract concerned data, we work with an independent third-party partner.

We additionally declare that we do not approve all the loan applications submitted, and rejection may occur on the grounds of insufficient/unauthentic data or non-eligibility of the applicant; we encourage you to read the eligibility criteria before applying. Our rates, terms and the maximum amount one can borrow are partly decided by the state laws. Remember that if you apply for a loan after 6:00 PM EST on Friday, the verification would be done the next business day - usually, Monday.

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